Friday, June 25, 2010

The Economy Sucks, but Meg Cabot Rules

Not that anyone I'm sure has noticed, but I'm sorry for not blogging lately as I've been depressed busy lately.  I don't have a really great idea for today's blog, so I'll just state some random thoughts (because you know you want to hear my random thoughts, who doesn't):

Dear BP, I'm not here to be political, but I don't consider the oil spill in the gulf to be a political issue.  Just a really really horrible disaster.  BP, you suck for causing the oil disaster in the gulf.  And you suck because of the fact that you didn't just own up to it, work with the government, and try to control the problem.  No, you just made up a bunch of hooey about how you had a plan all along, had safety standards, and how walruses are native to the gulf, and then had the government force you to set aside some funds to help all of those whose lives you pretty much ruined (so you couldn't just go declare bankruptcy and get out of the whole thing like I know you want to do).  And your commercials don't help...

And Dear Economy, I'd like you to improve since I have little to no money.  If you do improve, we can be BFFs, I promise!

Finally, Dear Meg Cabot, I am currently reading Insatiable, and, as per usual, it is an awesome book.  I'm about half way through, and so far, I'm really loving it.  And it makes me forget how craptastic the economy is currently, which is a good thing.  If I ever write a YA novel (like I want to), it will be to be your BFF, because your books are awesome (even though Insatiable is not considered YA, just in case my readers are wondering).  When finished reading, maybe I'll even do a little book review here for you!!

So, in conclusion:

BP, you suck (but could hire me to do PR for you, in which I'd make you seem less like you suck and my economic situation would be greatly improved).  But I still might say how much you suck on my blog since it is semi-anonymous...hehehe...

If the economy improves, we'll (me and the economy, because that's perfectly normal to be friends with a concept or entity) be BFFs.

Go buy Insatiable.  Because Meg Cabot is awesome (and who I also want to be my BFF, in addition to an improved economy).  Keep in mind it is kinda campy, so be in that mindset when reading.

Love xxoo,


P.S. I  also bought this of course (yes, I confess I'm a Twicrack addict)!  I think it is a given that I want Stephenie Meyer to be my BFF (mostly so I can convince her to finish Midnight Sun).  And by convince, I mean make her watch bad tv with me while covered in my heaviest cats until she finally relents and finishes it, just sayin').

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Giveaway!!! (that's not mine...)


So it's time for another GIVEAWAY that's not mine!!!

It's from the fantabulous blog Mean Girl Garage for a $20 Gift Card to or  Go click to win on the link above to Mean Girl Garage or here to enter the contest to that I you can win!!!  Her "dirty pants" sound great and I want a pair  you could buy them at Athleta if you win!!

So go and visit her blog so I you can win some dirty pants or other dirty things LOL!!

The drawing is tomorrow, 6/15 at 10am EST!!

And these may not quite be the pants below, but it will give you an idea, enjoy :)



Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Makeup makes everything better

Well, makeup, bad tv, and my cats (and husband).  With that being said, for me, free makeup makes everything better, as I'm a Bzzagent, which is a super awesome website/program via which I get free products (like makeup) to try out and give my opinion about - which is great because, let's face it, I love free stuff and I'm opinionated, so win-win.  So that's what today's post will be about, the latest free products that I received from Covergirl (part of their "blast" collection).

As a side note on this campaign from Covergirl, I'm also extra inspired to write about this by the fact that I recently may or may not have watched a Bravo marathon of America's Next Top Model from 2008 (Cycle 11), during which the models had to participate in loads of Covergirl related ads/campaigns, etc.  So you see, this IS bad tv related.  Also, I really really want to go to Holland after watching ANTM, who filmed a lot of the competition there.  So country of Holland, if you are reading this, you need to provide me with a free trip to you so I can visit and buy clogs (though they look uncomfortable, but are unbelievably cute):

Clogs/Holland, here I come.

But anyhow, back to the review of the Covergirl Blast Makeup:

We'll start with the Covergirl Shineblast lipgloss (in shade, Sparkler):

So, as you can see, it's pretty much a gorgeous shade of pink (which is my most favy fav color in makeup just so you know).  Upon first glance, I thought this might have some chunky silver glitter in it (which would not have been pleasant), because that is what it looks like in the tube, BUT it didn't.  The glittery shine is really really fine, so it's not chunky or tacky.  Plus, the gloss tastes like watermelon and is super yummy.  Taste is really important to me in a gloss, and this was pretty much delicious, so two thumbs up for that.  And it has a nice, smooth texture, not sticky, icky, or tacky, just shiny and pleasant feeling on the lips.  The only thing I didn't like is that I was expecting a pretty, shiny, baby pink color on the lips, but instead got a "your lips but shiny" result instead, with almost no color payoff (but it's so pretty in the tube, waaaaaah!).  I remedied this by adding some tinted lip balm beneath the gloss, and voila!  Some pretty, shiny, PINK results.  And the consistency/shiny-ness/taste was ranking up there with MAC, so pretty good job Covergirl.

From yesterday's post, I'm starting a new rating system which will consist of rice krispie treats.  There will be a score out of 5 rice krispie treats.  So this gloss gets four out of five rice krispies!!

4/5 RKT

Next, the Shadowblast Shadow in Purple Plume:

Now, I really really like this concept of easy to apply shadow in a lipstick like case (double sided, for convenience).  Plus, it reminds me of an eyeshadow (in light purple no less) that was part of a set of children's makeup I received as a kid from my biffly bff (the most adorable and awesome gift ever, no joke, the lipstick, eyeshadows, etc. looked like crayons, and really worked when applied).  SO, with that trip down memory lane, I was all "eeeeeee, just like my makeup crayons" when this arrived.  And there was an instruction booklet with it (and directions on the back to create a sexy, smoky eye).

This was good, as whenever I've tried for the "sexy, smoky, eye," I usually get "sexy, smoky bruise" instead, and look like I have a black eye (no good).  But, I followed the directions with this, applying the light, shiny color (sort of a light pinky-purple) all over the eye, which took all of 2 seconds (so quick, easy), followed by the darker color on the upper lashline and crease of the eye, which again, took 2 seconds, so I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and quick this was to apply.  Since the darker color kind of acts like a liner, you can skip that step if in a hurry (I added a bit of top lash liner anyways).  Then you smudge a bit with your finger, and you're set.

The end result was pretty, not too overtly dark, but nice.  The only problem was, when I smudged it into place, I noticed how creamy it stays when applied (read: you know this is going to crease), plus, if you touch/rub your eye, it comes off!  I kind of expected more of a cream-to-powder consistency, and was slightly disappointed by this.  Sure enough, it did crease and wear off later in the day after application, but if you carry (it's small and portable) it in your purse, again, it takes about 2 seconds to reapply.  It's also nice to carry around to go from casual to nighttime quickly, when on the go.

Adding powder shadow on top helped with the creasing (so did a shadow base), but I was a little disappointed in the way this creased/wore off as the day went on (though I did reapply).

So, for this one, I'm giving 3/5 RKT with an extra shout out for being like my makeup crayons.

And there you go!