Thursday, July 29, 2010

Luxury Kitty Accommodations!

I had to post about this:

The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

You have to see this place!!  If you are a cat lover, this place is for you - honestly this place makes me want to move to England :)

Or be a cat and stay there LOL!!

I think this would also be my dream business to run...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Writers of General Hospital are Smoking Crack

Not that I have actual proof of that, but really, have any of you watched GH lately?  I actually wrote a longer post about this that I plan to publish with pictures, but that will come in the next day or so...

In the meantime, let me sum up the show in this latest storyline.  James Franco, the incredibly hot and famous actor shown here:

Has gone insane and decided to do little guest stints on the show.  I don't know why he is doing this (shades of Joaquin Phoenix perhaps??  I dunno).  But he is.  So, imagining I'm a writer of GH for a second, I have lots of ideas for his possible character spring to mind:  Mysterious stranger, Supernatural character (hey, Twilight is popular y'all), Avenging character (it's pretty much a soap opera about mobsters), Undercover Cop...the list goes on.

And in the end, do you know what the writers picked?  Mysterious artist (hmm, okay, there's potential there), possibly someone from Dante's past (okay, tie to a main character) who is a serial killer (wait, what?) who has a homoerotic crush (umm, hold on now) on the show's stoic hit-man-who-doesn't-talk-much Jason Morgan (hold on, is this a joke?)...aaaaaand, his character (named "Franco", oy) wants to, uh, be with hit-man Jason and kill with him (yeah, this is definitely a joke...wait, no?).

Hey Sonny, where's Jason, my killer crush?  Get it?

But wait, there's more!  Franco also arranged for nuMichael (the main mobster character Sonny's son, who is now being played by someone who can act) to be raped in prison by this guy:

Hey, want to go back to my cell for some toilet wine?

Nope, they don't open a vineyard together like in "Let's Go to Prison" (which is a kick ass movie btw, and a must see for any Will Arnett fan).  Prison rapist is killed by hit-man Jason, which means Franco has to kill someone else and...and then my brain exploded from the bad writing.

Oh, and since it's General Hospital there's some stuff with doctors who sleep with each other for no reason (Patrick, Patrick's-slutty-ex, Elizabeth's brother, Quartermaine intern doctor, etc.), a nurse (Elizabeth) who is pregnant ever 5 seconds and complains about having to be supported by a prince with a zillion dollars and who wants to invest her children's college fund in a scam through her brother...

I can go on in detail, and will in my next post because of all the bad tv I watch, this is the worst.

And the writers of GH are on crack.  My advice, skip GH, get some toilet wine, and watch this big bunch of awesome:



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!!

Yay, it's the 4th of July - so wish a big ol' Happy Birthday to the USA!!