Sunday, February 27, 2011

Must Love Cats

Can I just say how adorable the show "Must Love Cats" on Animal Planet is?  Hosted by John Fulton, the show chronicles amazing cats and their owners.  From a home that the owner modified to suit his cats (ahem, my dream home, seriously) to cats that have their own band (why can't my cats do this?), the show covers everything cat and adorable (are the two really separate, no I don't think so).

Plus, let's face it, Cats + TV = AWESOME!!

And along those lines, here's a kitty who takes their own pictures and films their own movies:

Go check out this adorable show here.



P.S. I think there is a new Simon's Cat video coming out soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Won Something! (And Now People Might Come Look at My Blog)

Whoo Hoo - I won a purrfect calender on the meowvelous Cat's Meow Blog!  The Cat's Meow Blog is not only fun, it's run by the meowmy of the uberadorable Skeezix the Cat!  How cool is that?  And now people might actually come here and read my crazy rants about waiting in line, bad tv and my hopefully they won't think I'm too crazy!

That AND my newest little kitten is no longer urine marking since his neutering (thankfully this phase only lasted a few weeks and now, my 6-month-old is fixed and leaving no more "surprises" for me) - seriously, this is one great week, LOL!

Excited and happy purrs,