Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Music for Cats

It seems that my cats enjoy music.  I enjoy music too, but my cats' favorite activity is to gather around while I write and listen to music.  My cats like to relax and sleep along with the music, so when I saw this:

I thought to myself that they might enjoy this.  And it seems that they do.  I thought it was crazy, but this particular collection of gentle, instrumental, classical songs calms my kitties like nobody's business.  They're absolutely fascinated and I find it peaceful to write along to, so it's a win-win situation.  Fascinate your kitty and order the CD or simply download it on your computer and play it for your cat to keep them calm and happy.

An added bonus to this is that my stressed out Siamese (I have two Siamese kitties, one somewhat normal little girl and one stressed out boy) seems to enjoy the music and it calms him.  He has been having incidents with inappropriate elimination and is also on an anti-anxiety medication (*sigh*, my poor stressed kitty, I sometimes wish he could see a kitty therapist and discuss his issues).  This music and some nice Feliway (a synthetic hormone spray that mimics the facial pheromones of cats and has calming abilities) really calm him down, so it's a bit like music therapy.

Relax your kitties with this collection of songs - it works for dogs too!




  1. Inappropriate elimination? How appropriate. Send in da myoozic!

  2. We suspect part of his problem is living with a Siamese. Most of the time they aren't stressed themselves, but they're carriers, kinda like Typhoid Mary.