Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wellness Recall for Cat Food

For the Pet Parents out there, be aware of the voluntary recall from Wellness brand canned cat food. In case you're wondering, yes, I did flip out upon reading this because, YES, this is what I feed my kitties! But it doesn't seem overtly serious and since my kitties get a combination of this and other types of food, I think we're okay. Now I have to decide whether I want to return my cans...argh...and since a cat food order is coming up, do I order this again for the month? Or go with another brand until some of these cans get out of the system? I think this month may be another type of food, but we'll see...sometimes I wish I was less lazy and would make my own cat food...

For your own knowledge, here is a little more information about the recall:

The lots involved in this voluntary recall are:

Wellness Canned Cat (all flavors and sizes) with best by dates from 14APR 13 through 30SEP13;
Wellness Canned Cat Chicken & Herring (all sizes) with best by date of 10NOV13 and 17NOV13.

If you have cat food from these lots, you should stop feeding it to your cats. You may call WellPet at 1-877-227-9587 to arrange for return of the product and reimbursement.

Yes, this is what my kitties eat
According to the website, no other products were affected by the recall, only these lots of canned cat food. For more information, go here and read more about it.



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